S2s and dns resolution

Hi guys

Finding some interesting stuff in my logs that aren’t so much a problem but I’m curious to know what openfire is attempting to do to generate the messages. I’ve been trying to set up an s2s connection between 2 servers and initially I had some dns issues. I’m not really up on DNS stuff but when it failed to resolve the other server names (eg. abc.def.ghi:5269) it would fail and then attempt to shorten the name (eg. attempting to resolve def.ghi:5269 and finally ghi:5269) before it failed. Anyone know what its trying to achieve with that?

Also i get entries where it’s trying to resolve jabber.org although I’m pretty sure thats not in my config anywhere…and ideas why its doing that? Like i said, these aren’t problems I’m just being curious

Well, off to check the next fault in my s2s comms…the book lied when it said it was easy