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S2s component routing issues


I have setup two Jive servers on of which has a component (say server A). Now if I login as a user of server B and try and send a message to the component, it doesnt get delivered.

Is this a problem with jive s2s routing ?



I had a similar problem with this but I was using two different domain names and needed to add SRV records. If you are using domain names for the two machiens then make sure you’'ve added the SRV records for each domain in the DNS servers.

For example if user on serverA has a login id as user1@domain1.com and he tries to send a message to user2@domain2.com, make sure a SRV record for both domain1 and domain2.com have been created so that ServerA knows how to get in contact with ServerB and vice versa.

Also make sure both servers are configured to accept S2S routing.


the two servers can ping each other, so dns queries are not the issue. i feel that jive may be acting up here. s2s has also been enabled, i checked using normal messages addressed to users.



are the usernames of the Jive users user@computer or user@domain.com

they are user@domain.com


If they are configured with domain names then you will want to make sure the SRV records for the XMPP service have been added to you DNS Servers.

From my experience with the problem, it’'s not enough that the servers are able to ping each other, they need to be able to identify which server is servicing which domain.

Try adding the records, to eliminate a possibility.


I added entries for .com to my /etc/hosts file.

now i am able to send messages addressed to a JID with only JID of the component. JIDs of the form

user@component.jive.com still do not work. seems to be a problem with jive ?