S2S connection working, but not updating


I’ve just setup a Openfire Server for private use, but having the following issue:

Local user accounts are able to add external JIDs, as well as external JIDs are able to add local users from my server to their corresponding rosters.

But even if both accounts (local and external) are online, the just see each other to be offline.

I already checked firewall settings, connections settings and stuff, and they all seem to be correct.

What could I do to make both accounts see each other being online?

Thanks in advance,

dropper.jar (10869 Bytes)
dropper-0.5-src.tar.gz (9507 Bytes)

Two things come to mind:

  1. If you have S2S Secure connections set to “required”, it will not peer properly with non-Openfire servers, even if you have a commercial certificate installed.

  2. You did not create the required SRV DNS records for your domain. You need those to be RFC compliant and make S2S work and also to make certain clients connect properly.

You can find out more about the DNS entries by searching this forum and the Openfire FAQ for keywords like DNS SRV

I even tried with setting S2S secure connections to not availiable, but that does not show any effect on the clients to be shown for other (external) accounts.

Regarding the DNS records, i have wildcard DNS record, so jabber.mydomain.tld is actually reachable, too.

Do you have any further ideas?