S2s issues


we just updated our server from wpjabberd to the latest wildfire and have big s2s problems now.

s2s works only to some servers. It looks like it does not work to servers which require srv-records. And it does not work to components on other servers at all (muc, gateways etc…)

What i see from the logs is that it always tries to connect to the wrong hosts:

2006.12.21 01:47:09 OS - Trying to connect to gmail.com:5269(DNS lookup: gmail.com:5269)

here it tries to connect to gmail.com which is wrong, because it has to connect to one of the servers provided the srv-records.

All outgoing ports on this machine are open and DNS works. Also 2 other wildfire test installations with the same configuration work well.

Which means its a problem which can’'t be reproduced easily, but if oyu browse the forums you can find several people with the same problem.



for the second problems with connections to components on other server i have no idea. I see nothing in the the logs, and we have no incoming or outgoing connections to components on other servers (eg. conference.jabber.org, pubsub.jabber.org etc…).

we run it on linux (fedora)


i think its fixed now.

It looks like wildfire is using only the 1st entry in resolve.conf to resolve SRV records. Is this correct?

I updated the resolv.conf and removed the entry which did not work and it works fine now.