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S2S possibilities


I’ve created a network of 3 openfire server in the next way A<->B<->C.

Users from server B can find users from server A and C just perfect. But I can’t find users on server C from server A and vica-versa.

Is it possible at all? If it is, what should I do to make it work?

Where I can read how openfire looking for users on neighbour servers?

Thanks in advance!


is one of your server using a subdomain - there are issues?

Or does every server use a unique domain like A=example.com B=jivesoftware.com and C=jivesoftware.org?


Every server has it’s own domain.

Any ideas ?


s2s should work fine. You may want to enable the debug log or take a look at the log messages. I wonder whether the search service can not be found - but Openfire should log such problems.