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S2s problem


I have some problems while trying to link 2 Wildfire servers. They both work perfectly on standalone, but I find no way they talkto each other. Both pick their userlist from the same Active Directory and both have an entry into my DNS servers. Both have their 5269 ports open and listening, and both accept telnet connections to that port. Everything looks fine but they don’'t talk.

Funniest thing is that if from a client connected to server A I try to search a client connected to server B, I can see that connection in the Sessions --> Server Sessions tab, although the search hangs up with no joy.

I suppose clients from one side should see online the clients connected to the other side, first step in order to talk to them. But this doesn’'t happen. Am I missing something?

Here are some pastes (yea the hostnames are freak heh):

kessel:/opt/wildfire# netstat -an|grep 5269

tcp6 0 0 :::5269 :::* LISTEN

corellia:/opt/wildfire# netstat -an|grep 5269

tcp6 0 0 :::5269 :::* LISTEN

corellia:/opt/wildfire# telnet kessel 5269


Connected to kessel.gextech.corp.

Escape character is ‘’^]’’.

kessel:/opt/wildfire# telnet corellia 5269


Connected to corellia.gextech.corp.

Escape character is ‘’^]’’.

Help will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Hey itbcn,

Have you tried enabling the debug log on both servers? That will give you a lot more information about the connection process between both servers.

Have you tried sending a message from userA in serverA to userB in serverB? Did that work in both ways? XMPP specification says that for each service (e.g. search service) you should also have a DNS SRV record. Openfire uses a smart lookup for service by trying to locate the server hosting the service in case no record was found in the DNS for the service. Anyway, the debug log will tell us what is going on. BTW, any other error in the log files?


– Gato

Ok, after solving some TLS issues and adding search.serverA and search.serverB into my DNS, the search went just fine, and I was able to simulate a conversation between client 1 connected to server A and client 2 connected to server B.

But this solves me just part of the problem. In fact this was just a test to see if s2s connection was successful. Now that it seems it is, my real interest is to get both servers to share their userlist. As I said yesterday, they both pick groups and users from the same LDAP (AD) server, so basically they have the same userlist. But at jabber level, they don’‘t. I mean I can login the same user with the same password (same AD account) on both servers, but if I log in server A, I will be client1@serverA and people in server B won’'t see me unless they manually search for me, and viceversa. I can even login the same user on both servers simultaneously, and nothing happens.

Is it possible to broadcast logged in users, IRC or MSN style, so both servers act as a real network with shared resources and users?

Thanks a lot.