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S2S routing with subdomains

We are currently using 3.6.3. When I look at 3.7.0 the RouteTableImpl.routePacket() method will handle messages to subdomains as components. Earlier they were considered for remote routing. As an example sending message to pluginx.dom1.aaa.no from server aaa.no will be considered as a component and not as a possible route to a remote server. I am not able to find what is the correct behaviour in the XMPP specifications. Does anybody know? (The particular change was made in revision 11372, nov. 7, 2009.)

Our setup is a bit special for several reasons, but the basic concept is that we route traffic through one server due to security issues. This means that we have a system where a more central server have aaa.no and other remote servers have dom1.aaa.no, dom2.aaa.no.

To summarize: My question is - is it correct to regard a JID with domain A (pluginx.dom1.aaa.no) as a component as long as the domain contains the local server name? And if so, I guess we should have considered looking at our setup as a cluster of nodes in the same XMPP domain (including subdomains of the XMPP domain).



This problem has been fixed before: http://www.google.com/search?q=site%3Aigniterealtime.org+s2s+subdomains

I sure hope it hasn’t regressed.

i’ve recently had a very similar experience:

my experience, along with this thread and another which seems to be similar:

leaves me wondering if indeed it’s regressed: