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S2s test passes, still can't connect

When I run a s2s test, it passes all tests and logs a “successfully negotiated TLS connection”
Both test servers show active connections going both directions.

When I add contacts from the other server, it cannot find the other user.

This is a completely closed network with our own PKI infrastructure.
I’ve built two VMs to test on. Both are running CentOS 7 and Openfire 4.4.4 with the latest plugins. Certs have been created with the server name and domain name for each.

CN = servername-sitename.domain.name
XMPP Domain and SAN = sitename.domain.name

In principle, this should work. Can you provide the contents of the log files?

guus - thanks for the response. I cleaned up the logs for security purposes.

OpenfireLogs - Public Release (56.3 KB)

Oh, could you enable debug logging and try again please? Debug logging will include most of the relevant data to be able to determine what’s causing your issue.

I’ll get it setup right now.

OpenFireDebug-Public.txt (289.9 KB)

No changes made made but the s2s link seems to have stabilized overnight.

Both are in the same domain. Shouldn’t the users and conferences populate between the two different Openfire servers? I can manually add them but I’d link my users to select from a drop down list like they are directly connected.