S2s users

Hi, i have been creeping around the forum on s2s posts but i can not seem to find any details on how to share contact lists. Here is my scenario.

Office 1 - LDAP Domain1 - Openfire1Server

(vpn tunnel to)

Office 2 - LDAP Domain 2 - Openfire2Server

The servers see each other in the server sessions. i can invite user@domain2 to chat and vise versa (Works Perfectly)

But i would rather NOT have to invite all 180 users! Is there a way to automaticlly show all Users from Server 1 to Server 2 and vise versa? Like share groups ???

thanks for all your help!

Good afternoon, I have a similar problem. Did it work out?

I don’t think this is possible. Both XMPP servers don’t know about each-others users or group definitions. Maybe you could manually create a group on each server that holds the other server’s users, but you’d have to manually maintain that. On top of that, it probably would not properly set presence subscription state anyway.