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sambaAD ldap question(s)

Hi, this is my first time installing openfire, I have it connected to my SambaAD and LDAP. I’m confused about a point that I need help understanding regarding the users shown in my openfire.

In other programs where I have connected to ldap it shows me the user(s) in the OU’s, which is exactly how Microsoft lets you create them. You can create a user in only one OU. That OU user exists only once and cannot exist anywhere else in the AD at the same time. But that user can join (be joined to) multiple Security Groups.

What I would like is for openfire to show me the OU’s and which users are in that OU, but instead it’s showing the Security Groups and a user might belong to several security groups thus one person shows up multiple times.

How can I display the OU groups and not the Security Groups? In my understanding of AD, Security Groups are only for giving privileges (accessing resources), not for display purposes like I’m seeing in openfire. Even Microsoft’s “Active Directory Users and Computers” show you the OU structure with the User’s in that Unit. I want openfire to show the users like the AD Users and Computers show my users. Is there a way for me to display my OU’s with the users in that OU rather than what it’s doing, which is showing the Security Groups with it’s Members?

And if not, maybe a detailed explanation so that I can increase my understanding.

Thank you,