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SASL authentication failed

I have a ejabberd installed on my mac os x 10.6 and trying to connect to it using smack 3.1.

Here is my code:

ConnectionConfiguration config = new ConnectionConfiguration(

“”, 5222, “localhost”, ProxyInfo.forDefaultProxy()


XMPPConnection con = new XMPPConnection( config );


con.login(“user”, “pass”);

for this line: con.login(“user”, “pass”);

i receive this:

“Exception in thread “main” SASL authentication failed using mechanism DIGEST-MD5:”

The Adium the ichat can connect easily. What could be the problem?

Based on a previous topic, i downloaded the svn version and using a compiled version from it.

Any help would be much appreciated.

By turning SASL off (SASL authentication failed) i receive this:


The svn version doesn’t work, it is looking for classes that are not exist at all.

Based on this topic: http://www.igniterealtime.org/community/thread/35976, i patched the 3.1 version and i connects now …

Hi fazekaim,

yes there was a issue SMACK-264 with the DIGEST SASL mechanism and ejabberd but it should be fixed in the current svn trunk. If I try to connect and login to my local ejabberd testing server it works great. And yes, I also get error messages that there are three missing classes from the


package. They were added as providers for fastpath by the SMACK-266 issue. I think you can ignore these messages or delete the three providers from the


file. I don’t know why these providers were added and therefore I asked on the SMACK-266 issue.

Or do you have other problems with the current trunk version?

Thanks! It works like a charm.

I checked out the latest version and it works now. Thanks again!