Save Search Services, and property file []

5 august 2008 :


I just added some modifications to the code in order to be able to save the search services added into the file.

I plan to add a feature that will allow to delete search services from the list and from the propertie file.



1 august 2008 :

Hi all,

I’m just sharing my little add to Spark. I don’t know if it is sufficient to be integrated into Spark but it is an add that I really need from Spark. In a recent post, I asked if it was possible to save the search services in order not to have to rewrite it again and again each time (in a case of an S2S structure with a lot of servers). It was told to me just to wait for a future release or to try it by myself… So I tried it by myself But I’m not so good in programming in Java that’s why i’m not sure that this is this code that will be integrated ! But I hope that it will give idea to Spark well known coder to find a better solution for this purpose !

One day I was surfin in this forum I found an interesting document about the properties file and red5 spark plugin. So I get (largely ^^) inspired of this in order to adapt the spark’s code for this feature.

I modified the file and I added a file into the Spark home folder.

All the lines added are between two lines that are “// NEW FROM HERE --------” and “// TO HERE --------”

I hope it can be usefull for spark !


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