Saving selected chat room(s) history periodically to file(s)

Is it possible to record/save/archive selected chat room(s) discussion to a text file at pre-defined time intervals (e.g., every hour, or 24-hours periods) automatically?
Chat rooms to be saved should be selectable (on/off) and save file location configurable by the user.
Saving to text file should be continuous for as long as required by the user.

To an extent. The Monitoring Service plugin lets you export PDFs from recorded conversations. It is not an automated process though. It also offers an optional web-UI where room logs are exposed over a web interface. That’s powered by a REST-like interface, that you can probably digest without to much effort. If all else fails, then writing a plugin (or some kind of database integration) that generates this data is probably not to difficult - but it would require some development efforts.