Scalabe and performance data for OpenFire pub-sub component

hi all,

can anyone provide a scalable and performance report for OpenFire pub-sub component?

i am interested to know how far the server can go with respect to:

  1. number of concurent active users (publishers and subscribers)

  2. number of active pub-sub nodes (nodes with active publishers and subscribers)

  3. number of messages per second the server can handle (can it handle up to 5k messages per second and what kind of hardware would require?) and what is the latency for each published item (the time between publishing moment and receiving moment at the subscriber’ end)


is this the right forum to ask this question?

is any other place better suited for my questions?

please advise.

thank you.

wow, and before getting here i was told the openfire community is very much alive and supportive … :slight_smile: i kid i kid.

now really no one has anything on this topic? nothing at all? nobody tried to measure the performance of the pub-sub component and want to share some findings? not even the openfire team?