Schedule feature?


I’d like to be able to have schedules for fastpath workgroups. Basically, I want to be able to have the workgroup show as unavailable outside of business hours, even if agents are lgged in. I can see remnants of this functionality in the code base. I also found a ticket stating this functionality was removed a while back: .

My question is: Does anyone know why this was removed? Or if it’s scheduled to be re-enabled at any point?



It was removed by its original author and Jive employee (Derek). They no longer work with Spark and other open source projects here, so probably nobody can answer your questions. Fastpath is not an active project at the moment.

Matt (or anyone else)

Did you do any work on reimplementing this?

Are you able to give any pointers on re-implmenting this? Even if it is just in terms of complexity / LOE / pitfalls or gotchyas.

Any help appreciated.