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Screen Capture file format?

We are testing Spark at our company and it’s working great so far. One use and I were testing out the screen capture function and I can’t find the setting for the default file format. When I do a screen capture it sends to him in .png format. When he sends me one it comes in .jpg format. Any ideas? I’d rather it come in .jpg.

There is no option to change screenshot file format. It should alwaus be png. Are you saying thaty someone else using Spark is sending you a screenshot in jpg format? Maybe he just do a screenshot with PrintScreen, saves it in some image editing program (like Paint) as jpg and then sends it via simple file transfer?

I wish he were that smart. I walked him through how to do it…so I’m pretty sure he did it correctly. Although I was at a remote location and wasn’t sitting in front of his screen. I didn’t test any more after I posted yesterday. I’ll do some more testing Monday and see what I find.