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Screen capture glitch? Your capture does not grab "exactly" what you've selected

When I select an section to clip into a screen capture, i do not get “exactly” what I select. The image that results is a selection identical in width and height as mine, but moved up about 15 pixels. So for me to use this tool effectively, I must make a selection slightly underneath what I want to grab.

I assume this is not correct? This has occurred directly after installing OpenFire.

If this is not how it is suppose to be, does anyone have a fix?

Thank you.


Is no one else experiencing this?

I believe the issue is client-side, but I can’t even really make a guess unless I find out if anyone else has experienced this issue.

I have filed this SPARK-1048

Fix in latest Spark SVN 10979.

That was fast :slight_smile: Yes, now the selection is correct and it’s easier to grab the whole screen. The only thing is that we’ll have to wait for the next release :slight_smile:

I just compiled 10979 and it works great. I just posted a small bug that could be confusing for some people, but at least now it works correctly!

Great job.