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Screen Sharing with last openfire meetings doesn't work on Openfire 4.5.1

I have installed Openfire 4.5.1 + Openfire meetings 0.9.5 and also the extension on Chrome.
Currently, I am not able to share screens during meetings.
Installation with JRE embedded + PostgreSQL database and all default values.
No error in the log files.

I don’t understand what is missing to share screen. I tried by other site (ex: webrtc-experiment.com) and Screen Sharing is possible.

Also, I think Chrome extension doesn’t work properly (impossible to find meetings).
My Chrome version: Version 81.0.4044.92 (Build officiel) (32 bits)
I use PostgreSQL 9.6 as server side DB.

Is it an issue of the plugin or a bad installation

Thank you