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Screen Sharing

I have Openfire 4.1.5 and Openfire Meetings Plugin 0.9.2. The other plugins that are installed are - Content Filter, Fastpath service, Monitoring service, Openfire Focus Provider, Packet Filter, and Serch.

When I launch the ofmeet client using this URL (https://your-server:7443/ofmeet) I do not see an option to share the desktop screen.

Do I need to install more plugins/clients to get an option to share the desktop screen?

Its my understanding that this feature is currently not available, but will be added at some point.

Hi!!, and do you know if have another solution?

Install Openfire 4.0.1, and it will be avaible again, check the version of google Chrome because the latest version are not compatible.

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Does anyone know if this problem has already been solved?

There is no simple solution. Read this