Scripting messages to Openfire

Does anyone know of a working command line xmpp client that works with scripting? I’ve been trying to use sendmxpp ( with no luck. I’ve tried the AuthIQAuth fix, the editing the file, but none of the “fixes” I’ve come acrost work. I’m a C guy, and it would be a lot for me to write my own chat client. Does anyone know of a working command line client?

Thanks in advance

I use Python and uses the Twisted Framework which handle almost everything. Just need to add listeners for which messages that I’m interesting in.

Then I heard of but never used it.

A bigger list you can find at

I just wrote a little test app using loudmouth. It will not connect to my server still. Is there some other reason that I cannot connect to this machine? I tested it with pidgin on this machine and it connects okay, but It seems everything but spark/pidgin fails. (Those are the only 2 gui ones I’ve tried).