Scrolling Broadcast Message


Is there any way of adding a scrolling broadcast into Spark? Maybe treating it as a broadcast message or as a MotD? It would be useful to add company news/updates etc, for a specified time period, ideally controlled through the OpenFire console.

Any thoughts greatly appreciated


(PS. sorry if this is in the wrong section)

Do you mean a running ribbon in the contact list? There is no option for that.

Thanks for replying wroot. Yes i do, and I know there isn’t an option yet, but is there scope to add this at some point?


Personally i have no interest in such feature nor think there is a place for such abomination in a clean im client sorry. I won’t file a ticket for this. But anyone is free to achieve that with a custom plugin or building custom Spark build. Can’t give a hint how to do this as I’m not a developer myself and there are no active full-time developers working on Spark.

No worries - it was just a (bad) idea. Thanks for your time.