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Search doesn't seem to be working

I’ve been trying to find an answer to some of my Spark questions and everytime I search for items like “single sign on” or SSO, I get no hits. I know that’s bogus, cuz there’s one discussion that should match this query in the recent topics list. Is anyone else having issues with the search?


Yes, but users try to use search to get support.


Yikes. OK, the search function is only finding posts from the past couple of days. Clearly not what any of us expect to see. Let me see if we can rebuild the search index to fix the issue.

I’m rebuilding the search index now, but due to the huge amount of content here - it’s going to take a while. The system may be a little slow while the index rebuilds.

The search index finally finished rebuilding, and search seems to be working much better now. Let me know if you see any more issues.

Thanks!!! It works great now.