Search fields vs. profile(vCard) fields


In Spark I can register a new jabberid with my WildFire server (v3.2.4) and then “Edit My Profile” to enter various fields such as name and email address.

However the name and email appear to be blank in search results and in the web-based WildFire Administration Console.

I presume that the search fields are different from the profile/vCard fields?

How can a user populate the search fields?



Hi Luke,

the fields are indeed different ones. Not sure if one can populate them during user registration via XMPP.

One could write a plugin to allow this but modifying the search plugin and using the vCard fields should be much better.


oh yes, and search is done by an open source plugin so I can fix it myself, thanks!


Ryan maintains this plugin, so he may be interested in the implementation.

I still hope that some code is added to Openfire to validate vCards before storing them in the database. I guess that you don’'t want to retrieve the vCards to do the search but to extract some fields and store them in Openfire in a table.