Search Filter for 3.2.2

I believe I have asked this before, but I lost the info and Need to ask again.

I have a wildfire 3.2.2 server which is going to be tied back into active directory after I rebuild it for use across my company’'s global ad setup.

What I need to do is filter out any entry that AD reports back with a $ after it. For windows 03 ad setups, computer accounts and distro/security lists for exchange show up with that symbol and to make it easier on my users I would like to filter that out.

Any suggestions?

I personally wouldn’'t filter by than. My LDAP filter searches for user accounts with accounts what have the SN attribute set.

For our environment, that exclude Computers, Groups etc as well as Service Accounts etc.


With the OU structure we have, it’‘s easier to filter items out this way. Anyone willing to help me out here, I really don’'t get the search filter code (not a developer by any means)

Deejay, you wouldn’‘t mind sharing your search filter with me would you I’'d appreciate it

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Won’'t you just need !(samaccountname=*$)

Haven’'t tested it mind…