Search Filter Question

First, matt and crew. 3.1 is quite nice. I put it up on a test debian box and hit configured in 5 minutes. i love it.

Here’‘s my question. I have a win2k3 AD. and because of our OU structure I’‘ve had to roll the basedn back a level, so basically it’‘s pulling computer names during it’'s ldap calls. The pc names all have $ after them.

and for the life of me I’'m having trouble figuring out how to filter that out, that way all the console and users will see are the user names.

any ideas?

This is what we use…





Object class of user or something similar should work pretty well. BTW, be sure to read the docs on the searchFilter for 3.1 if you guys are setting it manually. The format changed a bit. The setup tool will lead you through it if you use that.



Unfortunately, AD puts the “user”, “person”, and “organizationalPerson” class on just about everything so it’'s not easy to weed out just the real users.