Search for registered users?

Hey All -

Is there any reason why I wouldn’‘t search for registered users directly at the database? The “search” plugin is great for searching for users who are online, but I’‘m instead looking for a user who is already registered but not yet online. I’‘m using the User Service plugin, but don’‘t want to throw an existing user at the server as a new user every time they log in if I don’‘t have to. I’‘m not sure of another way to validate a user’'s existence.



Hi Tim,

The search plugin searches for all registered users, whether they are online or not. How are you using the search plugin? Is it from a client or the Wildfire Admin Console? How are the users that you’'re not seeing being created?

As for the user service plugin, if you try to create a new user with the same username as an existing one it will return a:




Ryan -

Thanks so much for your reply! I didn’‘t know that the search plugin worked as you described. I’'m not using it - yet. After your response, I will definitely use it for the purpose I outlined. How can I use it from my own client? Is there an XMPP-related call that I can make, similar to XmppClientConnection.Connect(): for the search functionality?

Up to now, I’‘ve been using the User plugin and simply looking for the UserAlreadyExistsException. I just would rather check for user existence before submitting them as a new user. It’'s a best prasctice kind-of-thing, you know?

Thanks for your help!


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