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Search in groups


I created a group in Active Directory named IMU and I added the users in this group.

I configured according this script…

but it1s not working… only the user alissonc it’'s work in the admin bronwser…

I whould to load the users in IMU on the JiveMessenger… what I need to do?


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Hi Allison,

It looks like you might not have the right value in-between the elements, it should probably be something like the following:


Hope that helps,


in my AD Schema don’'t have the field uid

if I use only the user authentication with the field

the JiveMessenger don’'t authentic anywhere…

Note that by default, you should use the following with the default AD schema:

The defaults for group name and group member should work fine when the above two are set correctly.


who to know what field to use in the search of groups? who need I to list the users from a group?