Search is not working like before


Two days ago I got 70 results searching for “Microsoft SQL” OR “MS SQL” OR “MSSQL” and 4 results for “SQL Express” OR “SQLExpress”. Today I got none for the former and one for the latter. Please check.


I’m getting a whole crapload of results for those queries. Are you still seeing this issue? Where are you going to perform the search? We did have to rebuild the index earlier today. It’s possible that it just finished indexing everything.


Still having the problem here. If logged in, searching for the first set of keywords only gives 1 result. This thread.

If not logged in, it gives no results and an error message “No result types have been defined”.


Search is not working for me either.

What is the exact search string y’all are typing? (like type the entire thing on an empty line) =)

Seems that it founds only part of the stuff. I was truing “dummies”, “compiling” trying to find document “Spark compiling for dummies”. No result.

Interesting. If i just search for “compiling” it doesnt show anything. But if i type “compilin” on the main page, then search preview shows that document to me.

wroot, please try again. It looks like the index rebuild didn’t complete successfully before so I rebuilt it. Now I’m getting 315 results for compiling.

Yeah. Seems to work normally now.

Hi Daniel,

Since this issue of “search isn’t working” has come up a number of times and seems to be the result of the index being rebuilt it might be nice if Clearspace could give some sort of indication of that either prior to a search or part of a search results. Just a simple message like, “The search index is in the process of being rebuilt so your search results might not include all possible matches.” would probably be really helpful to end users.


I think it actually does do that – the problem comes when the index routine starts and someone restarts clearspace in the middle. I think it thinks it was done but it wasn’t. Maybe it would help if, when the search was complete, it recorded some flag. Sort of a “I started reindexing” and then a “I am finished” and if a restart is done in between, it knows on startup that it needs to continue the reindexing.

I agree, setting a flag would be helpful so the re-indexing state would survive a restart.

Still not working for me. Anyone can get more than 1 result for the following query strings?

“Microsoft SQL” OR “MS SQL” OR “MSSQL”

I got 90 results. Though it seems that search is not working when i just paste the query. So i have typed “Microsoft SQL”.

Are you literally typing the OR in there?

Reason I ask is, I just saw that there’s an active bug being worked on where OR isn’t working. =)

That’s it then!

Yes, I wanted to search for pages with any of the 3 keyphrases.

I tried changing the OR to the 2-pipe symbol (||) and it worked so I guess we have to use symbols for the time being probably with the AND (&&) and NOT (!) too (didn’t try these two though).