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We’‘re running Wildfire v 3.1.0 Beta and we have not had the time to upgradet to the newest version yet, but we will do it in 1- months time. I was in the admin webinterface and on the plugin page there was an update of the search.jar and I updated that one. There was no warning or so that our version is not supported by this new one (ofcouse I should have gone to the plugin download webpage and looked at the changes log for that plugin before updating) so now the search funktion is not working since it don’'t support our version. there is no place to download the old versions of the plugin (atleast I can not find it) so I wonder where I can get a version that support 3.1.0?

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I have found it on the internet at http://www.zeugma.ch/wildfire_plugins.html

There you can find 2.6.0 and 3.0.0 plugins if you also should ned them and can not find it here.

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