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Search LDAP not availble in client

I’m using openfire 4.2.3 with LDAP integration. When logging in with an client (e.g. swift) I cannot see any contacts. When I try to add a contact (search server) I see the following message:

“This server doesn’t support searching for users”

I tried to add the plugin “Search” which provides jabberd search functionality, but whenever I try to configure it, I receive an HTTP 500 errror.

Any help please?

Contacts do not appear in clients automatically by design. If you want them to appear, you have to enable sharing in contact list inside every group settings (in case you are importing groups from LDAP). As for the search plugin, check server logs, maybe there is more information.

Thanks for your answer, I wasn’t aware of this, I thought I needed to activate jabber search.

When sharing the correct groups, I can see the contact list.