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Search Nikname (Full Name)

Good afternoon!

It would be desirable to understand what variable it is necessary to edit that searching “Nick” would be beaten out not number of the employee, and his full name?

This is not an Openfire question. This field is populated by Spark itself based on a username put into search field. This field “Nickname” is provided to you to put anything and it just automatically puts username for the convenience, but Spark is not trying to search what this user’s Full name is. This is probably possible to change this dialog in Spark to search for full name, but i can’t tell how to do it.

This is probably possible to change this dialog in Spark to search for full name, but i can’t tell how to do it

That’s right. need in the field Nick automatically search for trying to drive a full name (displayName). so it just looks for a login account (sAMAccountName)

If you put anything (like blablabla) into username field and press Search button, it will put same blablabla into nickname field. Spark isn’t doing search for sAMAccountName. So it is not just simple swap to displayName in the code of this dialog. You will need to code the whole search process or use the one from another part of Spark maybe.

search for user’s full name, Spark looking for sAMAccountName in Active Directory. I also need to be in a field that Nick is set automatically from the Active Directory full name and last name, not his employee number to log on to Windows. Currently Openfire shows the full names in the contact list, not their usernames.
This is something you need to edit vcard?



Spark is not searching anything in AD. When you put johndoe or johndoe@openfireserver in the username field and press search, Spark asks Openfire if it has such user in its database. As your Openfire is integrated with LDAP, Openfire has your LDAP users in its database imported. So Openfire searches its database for johndoe@openfireserver (not for samaccountname) and retuns to Spark if found and also sends a subscription request to the client, which was searched for. Spark puts johndoe into Nickname field no matter whether such username exists or not (just try putting blabla and press Search). It just copies the text you put into username field and puts it into nickname field. I don’t even kno why. Maybe developer thought it would be convenient, though usernames often are not suitable for nicknames. Whatever.

What Spark might do is not just ask Openfire for a username, but also ask for user’s Full name, which Openfire also has from LDAP and stored in its database, then put Full name into nickname field if Openfire returns the answer that a user exists. Spark is not doing this currently and someone has to program this for Spark and then maybe provide a patch to us, so maybe it will be added to the official Spark source code.