Search not working in Spark

I have Openfire set to pull users from our LDAP server. If I go into Spark 2.6.2 and try to add a new user, I can start to type their username, for example bjones, and click on the search button.

Most times I’ll get: “no search results were returned by the server”.

But if I type the username of “bjones” and hit tab, the correct username is filled into the nickname field.

Why is this happening???

im not quite sure on what your doing, but let me describe how the “Add user”-Dialog works:

Case 1:

you type in the Username and press “Add”, the server will assume you have typed in a complete Username and add it, thus if not presenting a fully qualified JID consisting of Username@Server, it will do some bogus, or nothing at all

Case 2:

you type in a username consisting of atleast 5 characters and press the “autocomplete” Button next to the username field, then it will query the server and ask for usernames mathing the given regular expression

e.g.: you put in “steve”

a list will popup showing all registered Users having “steve” in their username, you can select one and it will autocomplete the textfields, or if only one username matches “steve” it will automatically autocomplete the textfields

Case 3: you dont do anything at all and press “Add” , nothing happens

So I am using Case 2… I’m typing steve, pressing the autocomplete, and I’m getting the “no search results” error listed above…

But if I press the Tab key, the information fills in…

tab key doesnt do anything over here

also the openfire search plugin is required

Hmmmm, if I go in and try and add a new user, type ‘steve’ into the username, and press the Tab key, it fills in the users full name for me…

But the autocomplete button gives an error…strange…

does the search bar at the bottom of the contactlist also produce errors?

Yes, if I use the search bar at the bottom of the contact list, and search for my account (which I know is in there) I’m getting:

“unable to contact search service”

try installing the search plugin in openfire:

All of a sudden, I am having this issue “cannot contact search service” with openfire 3.7. nothing has changed. I reinstalled the search plugin but it didnt help. control+f still works.

disabling and reenabling the search service in openfire fixed my issue.