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Search Plugin and LDAP

We are using LDAP authentication with Active Directory. We have our vCard fields mapped for all of the name fields, and it works perfectly.

When a user uses the Search plugin to “find/add” contacts in Miranda, the last name field displays "full name (lastname, firstname), and none of the other fields are displayed. Is there any way to modify this plug-in to remap the fields it uses?

Search plug-in 1.1.5 on wildfire 2.4.4



Hi Jason,

There are a couple of issues that you’‘ve brought up. The first issue is that the Wildfire/the search plugin doesn’'t actually have the ability to search vCard information. If having the ability to search vCard information is something people would be interested in seeing supported I could add that to my ever increasing todo list.

The second issue has to due more with how Miranda handles searches rather than Wildfire/the search plugin. Clients are suppose to query the server to discover which fields are available for searching, Miranda doesn’‘t do this so the plugin tries to map fields to those that Wildfire can search. For instance, Wildfire doesn’‘t separate first and last names or even have the concept of a nickname, so when Miranda attempts a search on one of those it maps it Wildfire’'s name field. Unfortunately, the only real solution for this problem is to use a different client. Have you looked at url=http://www.jivesoftware.org/sparkSpark[/url]?

Hope that helps,