Search Plugin does not work after upgrade to 1.4.1


I thought it would be a good idea to upgrade my 3.3.3 to the latest search plugin, i.e. from 1.4 to 1.4.1

Ever since Spark is “unable to connect to search server” and in the admin console the plugin is not shown. However OF seems to know, that the plugin is installed as it is shown in the available plugins but does NOT include the green “+” sign for installing it…

Restarting the server as well as reinstalling the plugin it did not cure it. I also suspect this search plugin or its intallation attempts to eat some memory. After some attempts to get it going the server went up to consume 90% of the memory and the meter in the admin gui turned red.

Where can I get the old plugin 1.4?



I had this problem and it seems that it was caused by the search plugin version 1.4.1.

I uninstalled it and went back to version 1.4.0 and after restarting spark it worked. I have attached the jar file if you need it.

Where can I download previous versions? I have 1.4.1 and see the same problem.


Doh! Just looked at your message again. Thanks for the jar! Might be good to have previous versions generally available though.

I have the same problema. After update the search plugin, the search function was lost for all my clients. And the search plugin is not listed in Plugins, it´s listed in Available Plugins without the plus symbol in install. I have Openfire 3.3.3 installed.

What I had to do was uninstall the search plugin via the admin console and then stop Openfire. Then go to the plugin folder and delete the search folder, take the search.jar that I attached above and place it in the plugin folder and start Openfire again.

You may have to exit spark and reopen it as well.

Thank you, now search works again with the 1.4.0 plugin versión.;\ I think the readme file for the update 1.4.1 should include something showing that Openfire 3.4.1 version is needed and the 3.3.3 version an below will not work with this plugin version…

I have the lastest ver of Openfire 3.4.2 and installed Search 1.4.1, which came up with the ‘unable to contact search service’ error

After downgrading to 1.4.0 it worked again.

Just so you know…

I´m using Openfire 3.4.1 i finally upgrade from 3.3.3 and the search plugin 1.4.1 works fine for Pandion, coccinella, Spark, users. But i have a problem using http binding, i´m using jwchat and all my users can connect to Openfire, but Search is not working… I really don´t know if it´s a Plugin Search foult, it´s working for other user connections.

But this Plugin version have some dark history back…