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Search plugin problem


when doing a search without xData the search returns an empty namespace in the items.

Here is some debug:


This empty namespace causes on some clients no results because the look for items in the jabber:iq:search namespace. I didnt take a closer look at the XML specs yet what is correct. But i think there should not be an empty namespace.


I had the same problem…

Hey guys,

The problem has been fixed and will soon upload a new version of the plugin.


– Gato

Hey Gato,

thanx again for the fast fix.


Hi Guys,

Which client were you using when you had this issue?



i used my own agsXMPP library with our sample client and the myJabber Client.

Tried also PSI, Pandion and Exodus. But they all use xData search. Which xData search the results are/were ok.


Hi Alex,

Thanks for the info. As you said, clients that don’‘t use xData are few and far between so I just wanted to know if you were using a client that I wasn’‘t aware of that didn’'t use them.

Thanks again,