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Search Problem (in LDAP) with Hybrid Authentication


I have an Openfire 3.6.3 running in my system, configured with Hybrid Authentication.

I can log in a user with the Spark client, using both a LDAP user and a openfire database user.

My problem comes when I try to find a user in the Spark client using the ‘Search’ functionality: Users from openfire database are successfully retrieved (they appear as search results in the Spark) but users from LDAP are not.

I can see (with a network sniffer) that no result data is received in the Spark machine in the LDAP case. I receive a search result message, but empty, it only has the search “headers” (‘name’, ‘email’,…)

However, in the openfire log file I can see successfully logs in both cases (database user search and LDAP search), so the search seems to be well done in both cases. So it seems that the Openfire does not send the correct search result data to the Spark client (in the LDAP case)…

Using only LDAP authentication, the search works perfectly (I do see the results in the Spark ‘search’ window).

Any idea? I am really stuck with that…

Thanks in advance