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Search protocols for jabber clients

Does anyone know how spark or exodus talks to the jabber server? Via xdata or iq:search or either. I think wildfire uses iq:search. The reason I ask is I’‘m trying to get the search feature of the trillian client work with my wildfire server but trillian only allows xdata. Does anyone know of or has created a search plugin for the trillian client to a jabber server? I’'d be willing to collaborate or work with someone on this but this is not my area of expertise.



Hi PM,

The search plugin for Wildfire conforms to url=http://www.jabber.org/jeps/jep-0055.htmlJEP-0055[/url] which means it uses jabber:iq:search protocol as well as having support for url=http://www.jabber.org/jeps/jep-0004.htmlJEP-0004[/url] Data Forms/jabber:x:data protocol.

Although I don’‘t have a copy of Trillian Pro and I can’‘t confirm it, I did dig through the Trillian forums and it looks like the search functionality of the jabber plugin doesn’‘t work properly. It’'s entirely possible there is an issue with the Wildfire search plugin, but I tend to doubt it since it works with so many other clients i.e., Spark, Exodus, Psi, Pandion, JAJC, Miranda, etc.



Thanks Ryan.

I just got this back from Trillian support … I’'ve also requested a feature enhancement for this just to get them moving on this because there seems to be a lot of people in their forums that are having similar problems. If you need me to test anything on my end or need any debug info, let me know. I appreciate any help!!!


There are two ‘‘search’’ protocols for Jabber. One uses xdata –

basically, the server sends down a description of the search dialog,

and the results dialog, and the data to populate them – and the other,

older, method is called iq:search (and uses set fields).

iq:search is considered ‘‘deprecated’’ and newer clients are supposed to

use the xdata method instead of the generic hard-coded form. xdata is

better since it lets the server define available search fields and

methods, as well as the columns the search result returns, rather than

having hardcoded specific questions and results.

At any rate, Trillian supports the xdata method; the Jabber plugin was

written after the old method was deprecated. However, Psi, Exodus and

Spark have all been around long enough to have the older support. (In

fact, I don’'t believe Psi yet supports the newer protocol at all. I

know Exodus and Spark support both.)

A lot of the public Jabber servers don’'t support user searching at all,

which is problem enough. But it sounds like enough corporate servers

out there still use the old protocol that it would be worth my time to

add the older search method as well.

However, at present, Trillian only supports the newer xdata method

instead of the deprecated one. (Same is true of the old-style

‘‘register’’ and ‘‘browse’’ protocols; Trillian supports the xdata register

and disco feature discovery, instead of the older deprecated ones.)

Sorry for the inconvenience. :/[/i]

Hi PM,

Same is true of the old-style ‘‘register’’ and ‘‘browse’’ protocols;

Trillian supports the xdata register and disco feature discovery,

instead of the older deprecated ones.


To whom did you speak with at Trillian support? I curious to know what exactly they mean by the above statement. I know that JEP-0055 is classified as a historical JEP, but url=http://www.jabber.org/jeps/jep-0030.htmlJEP-0030: Service Discovery[/url] isn’‘t. So, I’‘m wondering if they’'re referring to url=http://www.jabber.org/jeps/jep-0020.htmlJEP-0020: Feature Negotiation[/url] and/or url=http://www.jabber.org/jeps/jep-0128.htmlJEP-0128: Service Discovery Extensions[/url].



Thanks Ryan. I was talking to Rachel. I think she’‘s the jabber developer for Trillian. I will ask her to clarify her remarks. Pardon my ignorance but would you happen to be one of the wildfire or jabber developers? I’‘d like to tell her that I’‘m talking to someone with some deep knowledge so that she doesn’‘t think I’'m insulting her intelligence.



Hi PM,

I am a developer for Wildfire, notice the little gear icon next to my name , but my focus has mainly been on developing plugins (the search plugin was actually my first one) rather than the core parts of Wildfire; I’'d really like to be more involved with the core development but all this “real” work I have to do keeps getting in the way.



hahah, yeah, I didn’'t notice that. Sorry

I know what you mean about “real”, it’'s for the birds…

I’'ll let you know what they say at Trillian.

Thanks for your help.