Search returns no results within Spark (LDAP in use), not sure if spark issue or openfire issue

Not sure if this is a spark issue or a openfire issue.

LDAP in use.
Brand new installation of OpenFire.
Spark allows for login, but when we attempt to search for any other users in spark it returns no results. I would assume it should return any user that has been synced into openfire through the ldap filter. But I just get the error “No search results were returned by the server.”

I have restarted the search plugin in openfire. I also reviewed the search filter properties and they appear to be correctly configured as well:
ldap.groupSearchFilter: (objectclass=group)(cn=SG_IM*)

ldap.searchFields: (&(sAMAccountName={0})(memberOf=CN=SG_IM_Enabled,OU=Security Groups,DC=DOMAIN,DC=com))

ldap.searchFilter: (&(objectClass=organizationalPerson)(memberOf=CN=SG_IM_Enabled,OU=Security Groups,DC=DOMAIN ,DC=com))

These are basically the same filters are LDAP uses to pull users into the users/groups page with no issues so I am not sure where the break point is.

Any assistance anyone can provide would be super helpful.