Search returns no results within Spark (LDAP in use)

Not sure if this is a spark issue or a openfire issue.

LDAP in use.
Brand new installation of OpenFire.
Spark allows for login, but when we attempt to search for any other users in spark it returns no results. I would assume it should return any user that has been synced into openfire through the ldap filter. But I just get the error “No search results were returned by the server.”

I have restarted the search plugin in openfire. I also reviewed the search filter properties and they appear to be correctly configured as well:
ldap.groupSearchFilter: (objectclass=group)(cn=SG_IM*)

ldap.searchFields: (&(sAMAccountName={0})(memberOf=CN=SG_IM_Enabled,OU=Security Groups,DC=DOMAIN,DC=com))

ldap.searchFilter: (&(objectClass=organizationalPerson)(memberOf=CN=SG_IM_Enabled,OU=Security Groups,DC=DOMAIN ,DC=com))

These are basically the same filters are LDAP uses to pull users into the users/groups page with no issues so I am not sure where the break point is.

Any assistance anyone can provide would be super helpful.




The issue you’re facing with Spark not finding users during search while using LDAP for authentication could be related to either Openfire or Spark’s configuration. Here are some troubleshooting steps to try:

  1. Verify Search Filter Differences:

There seems to be a minor difference in the domain path between your ldap.searchFilter and the filters used for user/group population. Double-check for typos:

ldap.searchFilter: (objectClass=organizationalPerson)HealthCareGov(memberOf=CN=SG_IM_Enabled,OU=Security Groups,DC=DOMAIN,DC=com) (ensure double “DC=com”)
Ensure other filters (ldap.groupSearchFilter) also have the correct domain path.
2. Refine Search Fields:

While the current ldap.searchFields seem comprehensive, you might try simplifying them to isolate the issue:

Try using just sAMAccountName for initial testing: ldap.searchFields: sAMAccountName={0}
3. Check Openfire Logs:

Openfire logs might provide more details about the search failure. Look for errors related to LDAP searches in the logs. You can usually access them through the Openfire admin interface.

  1. Restart Openfire:

Sometimes a simple restart of Openfire can resolve temporary glitches.

  1. Consider Spark Configuration:

Although less likely, there might be a configuration issue within Spark itself. Consult Spark documentation for any specific settings related to LDAP search behavior.

Look for troubleshooting guides related to “Spark search not working with LDAP” or similar. Community forums like Ignite Realtime might have solutions specific to your setup.

I hope the information may help you.