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Search Transcirpt without hiding other messages?

Is there a way to search the chat history so that the other messages are not hidden.

It would be helpful to find information that was not exactly in that message. I always have to use search, remember the date, and then search for the date in the entire history.

Such a feature would improve the joy of use extremely,

I am using version: 2.8.3

I have already tested 3.0.0, it does show a message before and after, but that is not sufficient.

Do you mean that you want ‘fuzzy’ search, or would you like to have search results being shown with more context?

hey guus, thanks for your reply,

don’t know what you mean by fuzzy but:

instead of showing me messages that match the search and hide the other messages that don’t match. It would be great if the matching strings/messages will be highlighted and I can still see the whole history.

best regards Yannik

For me, when I right-click in any chat window, and select the ‘view log’ menu item, this works as you describe it (although I’m using Spark 3.0.0).


True - thanks that works! sorry I wasn’t aware of that option. I always used the “view conversation history” button on the top pane, that was what I was trying to describe

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