Search users in others servers

I think that culd be very usefull the possibilit to add others servers in the Wildfire Server Configuration to allow clients to search users in the local servers and in the others servers in that list or share groups and allow clients of others servers to add the complete group and no user by user.

For example:

My organization have multiples Wildfire Servers, and each one have a group with his local users and this group identify the location of the province:

Server #1: - Location: Province HLG <-- Anther server

  • HLG (Province) <-- Group

… HLG.Fulanito <-- User

… HLG.Menganito <-- User

Server #2: - Location: Province CFG <-- My Server

  • CFG (My Province) <-- Group

… CFG.My_Name <-- User (How i can add the complete group of the province HLG???)

… CFG.Other_Name <-- User

If I was CFG.My_Name in the province CFG, how i can add the complete group of the province HLG??? or, exist any form to permit the search service to search users in the Server #1 HLG Province too???