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Search without an *


just a short question (low priority, but maybe someone knows it)

is it possible to make spark searching also for only parts of the name (like an implicit * before and after the name)

I know that there is an description that says that wildcards are possible, but as all supporters know, it seems to be quite hard for users to read and understand

Best regards,


Hi Maddi,

search is implemented on the server. Openfire does search for “foo” if you search for “foo” within Spark.

I wonder whether see an other behavior. Are you using Openfire with LDAP or another XMPP server?



I am using an Windows 2003 AD and openfire 3.6.3.

Actually I have no access to the server, but on monday I will test it with anthoher client than Spark.

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i have played arround with vcard settings and now its running without *, as you told.

No idea what happend there (vcards are driving me crasy anyway).

However, thread is closed.

Best regards, Maddi