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Searchable user directory

Is there a searchable user directory integrated into

Jive Messenger.

I was able to update my vcard, but I was not able

to search for the users on the server …

Any help …

TIA, detlef Sommer

Unfortunately, we don’'t currently support JEP-55 Jabber Search. However, once you can access to Messenger source code you will be able to implement JEP-55 in a couple of hours. JEP-55 is an historical JEP which, AFAIK, is not in our immediate roadmap.

The source code is planned to be available next week. Let me know if you decide to implement JEP-55 and need any help.


– Gato

Hi somm/gato,

I’‘d be happy to help out with implementing JEP-55 Jabber Search, once Messenger’'s source code is released. Let me know.




Cool. I’'ll let you know when the code is available so we can discuss the best way to implement this feature.


– Gato

Sounds good. I’'ll be looking forward to adding that feature and fixing this url=http://www.jivesoftware.com/jive/thread.jspa?threadID=13358&tstart=15bug[/url], if it still exists.

Sorry…I already caught that! Anyway, if you are willing to help I’'m sure you can find interesting things to do in Messenger.


– Gato

Thank’'s to all … I am not a java programmer so I can

help you on testing but not programming [8-( …

Hope the feature get’'s into the software as soon as

possible …

TIA, Detlef Sommer

Do you have any news about searching the user directory?

Hi alini76,

The plugin is actually done but it doesn’'t work with the latest official release of Messenger (2.1.1), it does however work with the latest cvs builds. As Matt mentioned in url=http://www.jivesoftware.org/forums/thread.jspa?threadID=14091this[/url] thread there are plans to provide a place for people download plugins. Once the downloads are available people who are willing to compile source builds of Messenger, or wait until the next official release of Messenger will be able to use the search plugin.

Hope that helps,


Hello Ryan

The new version is out. Is it possible to get your plugin ?

Hey Sommer,

You can get Ryan’'s plugin here http://www.jivesoftware.org/messenger/plugins.jsp.


– Gato

Gato, Thanks for providing that link.

somm, Let me know what you think of the plugin, I’'d like to get some feedback.

I try the search

It works very fine

But Only works in Exodus

I try this clients and It not detect the search option

Jabber Messenger 3.0

Pandilion 2.0



2005.03.17 11:22:18 Packet sent to unreachable address

Hi jpacosta,

Thanks for the info, I’'ll look into the clients you listed and see what I can find.



PS - Psi works.

Hi jpacosta,

After a bit of initial research here is what I’'m finding:

Jabber Messenger:

It appears the version that is available for download from Jabber.com can only be configured to connect to the jabber.com domain. Is this correct?


Pandion seems to be having troubles talking with Messenger. A similar problem between the two was reported url=http://www.jivesoftware.org/forums/thread.jspa?forumID=40&threadID=14112here[/url]. In the case of the search plugin, Pandion never sends an disco#info query after it has received a disco#items query; which basically means that Messenger has told Pandion it needs to look for information regarding the search service but it never does.


I figured out what the issue was with this client and have added a fix to the search plugin. I’'ll submit the changes to the developers so they can check it into cvs and post a new version on the plugins download page.