Searching archive fails if dates specified

We’re using Openfire version 4.6.0 along with mariadb 5.5.60 on centos7. We’ve noticed that when we attempt to search the archive for keywords(admin console → Server → Archiving → Search Archive), it returns no results if any date range is specified besides Any/Any.

Any ideas on what might be going wrong here? I don’t see any errors in any logs either, any advice on how to troubleshoot what exactly is causing the problem with a specific date search? I’ve performed a manual index rebuild with no change in behavior.

Hi. I suspect that you’re running into this known bug of the Openfire Monitoring plugin. If you have reason to believe otherwise, then I’d be interesting to hear the details. Otherwise, you could monitor for progress on that issue in Github.

That does appear to be the very bug that we’re running into. It basically makes the feature unusable since you almost always want to put in a date range, and it is critical for compliance purposes.