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Searching XMPP-Service


I configured OpenFire 4.0.3 and Spectrum2.

Both programs can speak together and I can use Skype over XMPP. To do that, I used a Plugin for Pidgin to discover XMPP-Services, that got the “Skype-Service” on our Server and joined that.


Now the problem: at work, we want use Spark on all clients, so I’m searching the option to “join the Skype-Service” using Spark, but I cannot find that…

Can someone help me and tell me how can I use the “Skype-over-XMPP” with Spark (2.8.0)?

Thanks a lot

Luca Bertoncello

There is no such function/plugin for Spark. Old Kraken IM Gateway plugin (which provided various external transports for Spark) never had support for Skype and this plugin is the only thing for Spark to connect to other services. Spark doesn’t have a service browser as other clients have.


Well, maybe I didn’t explain my problem correctly…

It is not important that Spark doesn’t have a “Skype plugin”, since the transport is already installed on the Server (Openfire) and it works without any problem…

I just need to know how can I connect to this transport using Spark. With pidgin I have an option “discovery XMPP-services”, and I can see the transport and register in it.

Could you please say me, how can I do that in Spark (connect to a transport configured on the XMPP-Server)?


Luca Bertoncello

You mentioned Plugin for Pidgin in your post, so i have replied that there is no such plugin for Spark. Anyway, my last sentence answers you main question. Spark doesn’t have service discovery tool/menu/option. So it can’t find/use that XMPP-Service.

Does it means, that I can’t use an XMPP-Transport with Spark?


Luca Bertoncello

Yes, you can’t use that XMPP-Transport with Spark.

What a pity…

Thanks a lot anyway…