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Security Audit Log Viewer Openfire3.6.2

I got two problem with Openfire 3.6.2 version.

  1. Security Audit Log Viewer can not save audit logs. Log info is not saved into database.

  2. I create other user with administrator permission and admin account can not login to console. I have to use new account to turn back permission for admin account.

I haven’t seen any error log for this case.



@1. is this a feature request? I would print them (into a PDF).

What does “Log info is not saved into database.” mean?

@2: This could be a problem, it seems that Openfire does not set admin.authorizedJIDs="admin@example.com" as a default value. So the property is usually empty and Openfire does not set it when you modify another user to be admin. Maybe one can confirm this.


The audit logs are stored in flat files in the logs directory of openfire.

The default admin account is only used if another admin account is not specified. Once you specify another account to be an admin of openfire the generic account “admin” cannot be used.

Thanks your response.

@LG: “What does “Log info is not saved into database.” mean?”

I mention about Server->Server Manager->Security Audit Viewer feature in Openfire 3.6.2. When I do add, delete, edit user or group … this log will be saved in **ofSecurityAuditLog** table, right?

@Todd: “The audit logs are stored in flat files in the logs directory of openfire.”

Yes, I can see audit log file when I enabled Server->Server Settings -> Message Audit Policy feature. If I disabled this feature, in normal audit info will be saved ofSecurityAuditLog table. But now I can not see audit log under Security Audit Viewer and table have no record.

You are right the security audit logs are in the ofsecurityauditlog table. I was thinking of the other logs.

Yes, thank you your explain. I understood admin account in openfire.

About audit log files under log folder, I want to review logging of chat, group chat, file transfer.This logging system is independence and users can trace their history about chat, file transfer etc…These users can not touch openfire console setting.

Should I use these log files to trace log for this purpose? or have already some plugins available to support it.