Seem that SPARK is not Vista compatible, is this correct?

Some users I making test with them cannot connect and after all checks it seems it is because they have Vista installed, is this correct ?

Or is SPARK Vista compatible and I still have to search elsewhere the problem ?

we only have one vista machine and spark works just fine with it.

2 here, both working fine, no issues, using the latest release.

It’'s working OK with Vista.

2 vistas here, one work the other don’'t


are you using 32 bit hardware? I just wonder if this is a 64 bit problem.


The only issue I have had with vista so far is that it does not support the areo GUI. it causes your desktop to switch to vista basic when you start it up. Its probably more of a java issue than a Spark issue.

I’‘m using Spark since 2.5.0 (on 2.5.3 now) with Vista 64 bit and no additional problems not seen in XP. Works great! And it does work with the Areo interface quite well too. I’'d prefer the default for Spark be to use the system look and feel, BTW…

Also, I’'m using the on-line version and Sun 6 JRE, not the bigger version of Spark. If that helps any.

bcorner, what video card do you use on the machine you see the switch to basic colors? I’‘ve noticed that problem quite a bit on an nVidia based machine on many software packages, but on my ATI based Vista 64-bit machine, I have never seen a switch to basic colors on any program I’'ve tried. I heard the nVidia was having driver issues in Vista, it looks like it might be continuing. I hope they fix them soon, as I like my nVidia based machine (A Dell XPS M1710 laptop…)

I have an NVIDIA GeForce Go 7600 with 512Mb Ram