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Seems you can chat without subscription

We have installed Openfire 4.1.5 with Subscription 1.4.0 plugin and connects using Pidgin 2.10.12.

From Subscription properties we set to “Reject - ALL Subscription requests”, we need to admin from admin console.

Steps made to test functionality:

  1. A user add a friend to his buddies list.
  2. Because of “Reject - All subscription request” is enabled, the request never arrives.
  3. The invited buddy appears as “Not authorized”.
  4. Then double click on this buddy and write a message.
  5. This message is delivered correctly!
    I was waiting not to deliver any message in such case.

May be there is something wrong with it?

Thank you for any idea.

Openfire 4.1.5


I’m not sure, but I think the Subscription plugin will only work on Spark IM Client.

You might want to try Client Control plugin for client restriction, but will work only on Spark.

Also, the Packet Filter plugin works great to restrict users from chatting to other users not on the Group/Team/Department.

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Subscription is only about presence (status). It shouldn’t block messages.


Thanks @McLaren Matt

I’ll try Packet Filter to apply those kind of restrictions

Thanks @wroot!

I realized how it works, nice!