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Selective authentication per user


I would like to know if anybody has written a selective external authentication. From this I mean, per user, can I choose which authentication the user uses. In my company, we have NT domain authentication and Active Directory. Half of our company authenticate on NT domain, and the other half authenticate on Active Directory. We want to be able to choose which authentication to use per user in Jive Messenger Server.

If there hasn’'t been anyone doing this, is there a collective cash bounty for this feature to be added? If so, how soon will be available? We are willing to put money into this cash bounty pot to make it sooner like within a few days if possible. Or is there a super Jive Messenger developer who wishes to earn some money, can you please let me know how much you charge to make this happen?

Thanks so much!


I sent you an email directly to discuss how we might be able to help with the project.



Thanks for your super fast reply Matt. I replied to your email.