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Send IM to gtalk users

How do i send IM to gtalk users after i log on to my openfire server with a jabber id??

I am using the Smack API, and i m in the process of building a web based jabber client, where users can

create new jabber account and send IM to other jabber users, as well as google users.

I am capable of sending IM to yahoo users, after I installed the Yahoo transport. I refer to the yahoo user (eg. xyz@yahoo.com, as xyz@yahoo.)… but i am not being able to send message to gtalk users, as i donot find any place to register the respective gtalk id of a user in the server.

Please help…

I think you need to ask in the Openfire forum but you need to setup “Server to Server” also known as S2S. Look under your server settings in the web admin.